Social Work Services

Mary Geraghty

Executive Director of Student Services
(847) 998-5071

Patti House

Administrative Assistant
(847) 998-5013

Karen Johnson

Administrative Assistant
(847) 998-5015

School social workers are trained professionals who help students maximize their success in school.  They work with students who might be experiencing social/emotional, academic or behavioral issues.  School social workers work together with students, teachers, other school personnel and families to develop and implement strategies that will enhance students’ school success. District 34 social workers are a vital part of every school’s support team. They act as an interdisciplinary team member in the special education eligibility process. They serve on the student services team at each school to assist students experiencing attendance, academic, social, emotional, and/or health problems.
Eligibility for social work services is based upon the use of a variety of non-discriminatory formal and informal tools and techniques, including observation in a variety of settings (e.g. classroom, playground, lunch, PE), interviews (with parents, teachers, etc.), and standardized instruments to evaluate the understanding, progress, and performance of students in the school environment.

Services are administered based upon student needs including, but not limited to, social emotional skills, counseling services, and behavioral management.

Social Work Brochure