Educational Life Skills

Mary Geraghty

Executive Director of Student Services
(847) 998-5071

Patti House

Administrative Assistant
(847) 998-5013

Karen Johnson

Administrative Assistant
(847) 998-5015

The NSSED Educational and Life Skills Program (ELS) is committed to providing excellence in academic and life skills instruction to elementary through 8th grade students with developmental delays, cognitive disabilities, autism, and multiple disabilities within a trans-disciplinary team model.

Each student's education needs are met by a team from various disciplines which includes parents, classroom and related services professionals. Instructional services are jointly planned and implemented by this team to support the student's educational program throughout the school day.

Students are provided academic and social support, as well as structured learning experiences for relevant life skills.

Assistive Technologies as specified on the student's Individualized Education Program, are utilized to allow the child opportunities to communicate and participate in academic and life skills instruction.