Middle Schools Shift to Fixed, Four-Block Schedule

At the March 6 Board of Education meeting, principals from both middle schools presented a recommendation to move the middle school schedule to a fixed block model, which means that the lengths of classes and the order of classes would be fixed in a specific pattern and would remain the same for the entire school year.
Attea Middle School Principal Mark Richter and Springman Middle School Principal Jason Kaiz returned to the Board on May 1 to present their recommendation to move to a fixed, four-block model. This means during a typical five-day school week, a student would see the same class four times for the core subjects of Reading, Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies.

"We are excited about this new opportunity that will better support student learning at our schools," Kaiz said.

"This schedule model will mean students being in their core classes more frequently, which is important for the continuity of some lessons," Richter added.

The new schedule will not impact the start or end time of school, nor change the length of the school day. Rather, it will change the overall structure of classes during the school day.

Middle School families should look for more information in the coming week regarding this schedule change.