Committee Continues Exploration into Middle School Schedule

Throughout the past two school years, a committee comprised of representatives from both middle schools has been meeting to evaluate the current middle school schedule. The charge of the committee is to determine ways the current schedule can be improved upon or modified to better support student learning.
Given the vested interest the parent community has in this topic, Attea Principal Mark Richter and Springman Principal Jason Kaiz will be presenting at an upcoming PTA meeting the work of the committee to date. The meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, January 17 at 9:15 a.m. at Attea. For parents unable to attend, there will also be an evening parent input session on Tuesday, January 31 at 7 pm at Attea.
The committee is evaluating a myriad of different options, and the purpose of the meetings is to update parents about the considerable amount of work and research that has gone into this process. To date, there has not been a final recommendation or decision reached. However, please note, the committee is not evaluating nor considering any option that would result in a change to the start or end time of the school day.
Moving forward, the goal of the committee is to present three options and a final recommendation to the Board of Education for consideration in February or March. Please look for continued communication about this topic in the parent newsletter and the Board of Education newsletter. All communication will also be posted to the district and school websites. 
Ensuring the parent community is equally informed of the work of the Scheduling Committee up to this point is a critical element, and the district looks forward to hearing their perspectives at the upcoming meetings to further inform its work.