Board Continues Conversation about Middle School Schedule

As a follow-up to a conversation at the previous meeting, Board members reviewed a potential charge for the work of the Middle School Schedule Committee.

At the March 6 Board of Education, principals from both middle schools presented a recommendation to move the middle school schedule to a fixed block model, which means that the lengths of classes and the order of classes would be fixed in a specific pattern and would remain the same for the entire school year.
While a significant and important change to better support student learning, the principals asked that the committee have additional time to meet in order to more carefully evaluate other components of the schedule.

Therefore, the charge proposed by the superintendents included the following:

"During the 2017-2018 school year, the proposed Superintendent Task Force will study and recommend a Middle School schedule designed to insure adequate instruction time for the Common Core Curriculum. Particular attention will be paid to math, ELA and XBlock."

Both principals will return to the Board in May to further discuss the work of the Middle School Schedule Committee.