Student Identification for Advanced/Accelerated Programs

Beth Tsoumas

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction
(847) 998-5006

Kristine Patterson

Director of ELL & Bilingual Programs
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Tracy Tuchow

Administrative Assistant
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District 34's Math Identification Process for Advanced/Accelerated Math Program Placement was developed by a Superintendent Math Task Force. The Board of Education approved the identification process in March 2017. The following sections outline the three phases of this process.

Placement Identification: PHASE ONE

  • Process begins in January of each school year
  • *Phase One / Initial math placements are determined based on each student's individual scores, which are calculated using the District Identification Matrix. The matrix consists of NWEA MAP Math, NWEA MAP Reading, Cognitive Abilities Test, and Student Performance Rating Scale.
  • Parents are informed by letter of student’s placement:
    • Automatic qualification into advanced/accelerated OR
    • Student moves into Phase 2 for additional evaluation OR
    • Parent is informed of Appeal Process
If a student does not automatically qualify for an advanced/accelerated placement based on the matrix cut scores in Phase 1, parents will be notified of additional phases in the process through which the student can be re-evaluated.

Placement Identification: PHASE TWO 

Phase 2 is included in the identification process to expand opportunities for students who may benefit from the advanced/accelerated program but did not automatically qualify in Phase 1. This phase provides an opportunity to gather additional information for students who miss the cut scores in the matrix but may, in fact, be good candidates for an advanced placement.
Students are re-evaluated using data from: 
  • Supplemental Math Test
  • Student Survey
  • Additional Teacher Input
Parents are informed by letter of the student’s results of Phase 2:
  • Provisional placement into advanced/accelerated OR
  • Parent is informed of Appeal Process
Parents may opt-out of Phase Two for their child.  Information is provided in the parent letter. 

Placement Identification: PHASE THREE

The following information will be gathered and evaluated by a District Appeal Committee:
  • Appeal Form
  • Student Survey
  • Supplemental Math Test
  • Additional Teacher Input (including classroom performance data)
The District Appeal Committee will make a final decision and results will be mailed home to parents.

*Students who are already on the Advanced or Accelerated Pathway will remain on that pathway unless it has been determined through ongoing communication between the teacher and the parent that advanced or accelerated math is no longer the most appropriate fit for the student.