Appeal Process

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Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction
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Director of ELL & Bilingual Programs
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Tracy Tuchow

Administrative Assistant
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*How students are identified for Advanced and Accelerated Math is currently under review by the Superintendent's Math Task Force. This information will be updated once the task force has made its final recommendations. 

Our math identification process includes a comprehensive analysis of your child's current and historical math performance. This assessment data has been used to project future performance, which supports the placement process. The projections generated for each child were made available through services provided by a professional data analytics firm. In addition to the use of your child's assessment data, your child's teacher completed a Performance Rating Scale for your child. This score was also included in the projection methodology used to determine your child's placement. Finally, teachers and principals have had the opportunity to provide input as we have finalized the placement process. We are confident that the best placement has been made based upon this thorough process.

Parents do have the option of appealing their child's placement. If you choose to appeal the district's decision, please complete the online appeal form (you may have to "allow popups" in your browser to fill out the form). Your information will be shared with an appeal committee and a decision will be shared with you via a letter mailed to your home address by the end of June.

*Please know that completing the appeal form does not guarantee that your child's placement will be changed.

Please complete and submit this form no later than May 25.