Appeal Process

Beth Tsoumas

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction
(847) 998-5006

Kristine Patterson

Director of ELL & Bilingual Programs
(847) 657-2479

Tracy Tuchow

Administrative Assistant
(847) 998-5007
  1. Should a student not qualify for the gifted program after completing the screening and selection process of the identification program, parents will be sent an appeal form in the mail along with the placement decision letter.
  2. If a parent decides to appeal the gifted placement decision, they will be responsible for filling out a Parent Narrative (click to download). The classroom teacher of the student whom an appeal is being created for will also fill out a Teacher Narrative. These narratives will provide the appeals committee with detailed information on the different qualities the student may have that would make them a strong candidate to be reconsidered for gifted programming.
  3. An appeals committee consisting of one general education classroom teacher, two gifted enrichment teachers, one school psychologist, the Teacher on Assignment for Gifted and Assessment, and the Assistant Superintendent will review all appeal material including:
    • screening and selection assessment data parent and teacher input forms
    • a prose-constructed response writing sample collected by the Gifted/Enrichment teacher during the school day
    • the teacher and parent narratives any additional information the parents would like to provide
  4. The appeal committee's decision about a student's placement in the Gifted/Enrichment program will be provided to the parents in writing. Decisions of the appeal panel are final.