Exit Criteria

Beth Tsoumas

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction
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Kristine Patterson

Director of ELL & Bilingual Programs
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Tracy Tuchow

Administrative Assistant
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EL exit criteria has been established by the Illinois State Board of Education. For students to be considered eligible for exit from EL services, they must a student must obtain an overall composite proficiency level of 5.0 as well as a reading proficiency level of 4.2 and a writing proficiency level of 4.2 on the ACCESS for ELs on Tier B or C. In addition to a student’s ACCESS score, we use NWEA and CBM data as well as feedback from teachers and parents to determine a student's readiness to exit from EL services.

At any time, a parent may decline EL services offered to their child. Parents must indicate this request in writing to their child’s EL teacher. Students who are eligible for service, but who do not receive service per a parental request, must continue to take ACCESS annually until they earn a 5.0 composite, 4.2 readning and 4.2 writing score per the Illinois State Board of Education.