Spanish Bilingual Program Information

Beth Tsoumas

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction
(847) 998-5006

Kristine Patterson

Director of ELL & Bilingual Programs
(847) 657-2479

Tracy Tuchow

Administrative Assistant
(847) 998-5007
What is the goal of the Spanish Bilingual Program in District 34?
  • To provide English Learners whose first language is Spanish and who have limited English proficiency, with equal access to education through the use of Spanish and English
  • To develop English language proficiency in accordance with the WIDA Language Proficiency Standards

Who does the Spanish Bilingual Program serve?

  • English Learners whose native language is Spanish

How does a bilingual child qualify for the Bilingual Program?

The child’s:
  • Home Language Survey has Spanish marked as their native language
  • English screener test proves the student is an English Learner
  • ACCESS scores are below a 5.0 composite score and a 4.2 reading and writing score

How will the Spanish Bilingual Program help my child?

The program:
  -Provides support for English Learners’ linguistic and academic needs
  -Focuses on best practice and research- based instructional strategies
  -Is aligned with the Common Core State Standards through instruction in Spanish and English
  -Encourages a positive identity, self- confidence, and cultural pride in students
  -Supports students’ academic language in their native language of Spanish, to then later bridge them to a proficiency of academic language in English

Will my child be taught the same subjects and learn the same skills as students in General Education?


  • All students in the Spanish Bilingual Program will receive instruction in accordance to Common Core State Standards in Spanish and English.
  • Spanish language arts, math, science, and social studies are taught in the Bilingual Program.
  • PE, music, art and drama are also part of a bilingual student’s curriculum.

Will my child learn English while in the Spanish Bilingual Program?


  • Academic instruction begins in Spanish and transitions to English. By 3rd grade, students receive half of their instruction in Spanish and half in English.
  • English Language instruction is a part of the education that takes place in a bilingual classroom.
  • Bilingual students obtain listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in English through regular daily instruction.

When do the students exit and enter the Spanish Bilingual Program?

  • The Spanish Bilingual Program is provided for Pre-K through 5th grades
  • The Spanish Bilingual Program is hosted at Henking and Hoffman Schools (If you live within another school’s boundaries, transportation for your child is provided to Henking and Hoffman)

How can I become involved in the Spanish Bilingual Program?

  • Join the Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee (B-PAC) and participate in planning for our Bilingual Program.
  • Attend Hispanic Parent Outreach sessions and learn about your child’s education.
  • Become a volunteer to support the bilingual classrooms and after school programs.

If you have any questions, please contact Kristy Patterson, the ELL & Bilingual Director at (847) 657-2479 or by email: